Snowfall Co-Creator, Cookies & GasHouse Team for Cannabis Biz Series

Snowfall Co-Creator, Cookies & GasHouse Team for Cannabis Biz Series

Eric Amadio, co-creator of FX series Snowfall (which is about the cocaine industry in the 1980s), is teaming up with two major cannabis brands, Cookies & GasHouse, as well as Entertainment 360 and director Christian Gudegast (of Den of Thieves notoriety) to create a new untitled scripted series about cannabis entrepreneurs. Inspired by true events, the one-hour drama offers the inside story of how two young cannabis entrepreneurs navigated the marijuana business from its illegal origins to its legitimate present-day boom.

Both Felix Murry of GasHouse and Berner of Cookies are on the project as executive producers. Murry and Berner are both Black cannabis entrepreneurs fighting in an industry that has disproportionally criminalized the services they offer. With GasHouse among the first to obtain a medical license to cultivate and sell in Oregon (with medical marijuana use legalized in 1998), the brand is among the oldest legal growers and today has a distinguished reputation for pure, potent cannabis.

Billboard-charting rapper Berner founded Cookies, a cannabis and clothing brand with over 30 retail outlets in eight states and two countries. Drawing on his younger days working in a medical dispensary, Berner set his sights on the legal cannabis world what with there being so few people of color legally owning any part of the 15 billion-dollar industry they’ve otherwise participated in for decades. In the later 2000s, he partnered with Bay Area breeder and cultivator Jai “Jigga” Chang to create the cookies strain, formerly known as “Girl Scout Cookies.” The cannabis strain, paired with a streetwear clothing line of the same name, gave birth to his company and an entire cannabis enterprise.

Snowfall is entering its fifth season on FX, with an expected premiere date of next Spring/Summer. The series starts in 1983 and follows the dealers, cartels, and users of the crack cocaine epidemic, the problems and repercussions, and the lifestyle of the cocaine business. Season 4 left off in 1985 with no word yet on what to expect in the upcoming season 5.

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